About us

We are the traditional Kerala style restaurant with seafood speciality

“No.10 Fort Cochin Seafood restaurant” isn't Just a restaurant; it is the best culinary destination in Bangalore. Here, we blend our food with well-researched traditional whole crushed spices of Kerala for their heady aromas that lend exquisite flavor to any dish being it meat, veggies, or seafood.

Seafood can be fishy or fresh and that depends on your right catch and right treatment. No.10 Fort Cochin Seafood restaurant has an expertise in authentic Kerala Cuisine as we take care of every tiny element starting from choosing best ingredients. It is a local favourite of Bangaloreans, especially to the seafood lovers, when it comes to serving exotic delicacies of the sea. Our diverse variety of signature dishes includes exotic seafood and vegetarian food. It is a guaranteed mouth-watering experience not only for 'Non-vegetarians' but for 'Vegetarians' as well.


As we understand Bangalorean’s love for authentic traditional seafood hence we have brought authentic taste & aroma of Kerala with its spices for you. Our diversity of delicious food includes flavourful exotic seafood, other non-vegetarian and vegetarian recipes to give a traditional tang of Kerala cuisine. We are available with our authentic kerala cuisine for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks to pair with your Tea or Coffee and Dinner at our two seafood restaurants in Bangalore. Our Kerala Sadya recipe which do justice to the rich heritage of the cuisine; while maintaining superior levels of quality and delightful taste. As Kerala as it can get with an Onam spread of 25 dishes, so expect traditional dishes like kaalan, erissery, thoran, Sharkaraveratti, Injipuli, Mezhukkupuratti, Olan, Dal and avial along with the staple of rice and sambhar.

We in “No.10 Fort Cochin Seafood restaurant” have three promises which makes us unique:-

  • 1. We never serve fast food so you can remain fit.
  • 2. We use 100% natural ingredients so you get the best aroma and taste.
  • 3. We use “the freshest” seafood so you never forget what you tasted.

Core Values & Quality


Taking care of our customers as well as our employees. We believe that our employees should have a chance to grow in order for us as a company to progress as one.


Serving only the best of quality. We strive for excellence and nothing less, be it for our Seafood or our services.


Attitude is a little thing that we believe, makes a big difference.


Recognizing our differences and showing consideration for one another. We understand the needs of our customers and go out of the way to meet them.


With almost years of experience in preparing exotic seafood delicacies, we are still learning, innovating and seeking ways to improve.